The new Farm Bill has been passed in the Senate and House so that means we almost have a new Farm Bill. The bill now goes to President Trump's desk where he has said he will sign it into law! First, let me admit I was wrong. As nasty and partisan as politics has gotten in Washington D. C. I did not think a new Farm Bill would be passed. I thought there was a good chance the expired Farm Bill would be extended for a year and the new Congress would start all over in January. I am pleased I was proven WRONG!

I have received new releases from many different organizations and all are very supportive of the new Farm Bill. From what I have read it is similar to the last Farm Bill with ARC and PLC choices. One major difference apparently is farmers will be able to choose each year if they want to enroll in ARC or PLC. Remember in the last Farm Bill we made the choice the first year and could not change it for the duration of the Farm Bill.

I have not seen the actual Farm Bill but I am sure it is inches thick and hundreds of pages. I am sure eventually it will be available on line for everyone to read. However, even if I had time to read it I would likely not understand it anyway! So, I rely on others to explain it to me in language I can understand! So, on Tuesday December 18, 2018 Ag Analysist Kent Thiesse will be my guest on KDHL's AM Minnesota. We will discuss the new Farm Bill.



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