I do not think anyone was surprised that Congress did not get a new Farm Bill passed before the current one expired Sunday! The U.S. House of Representatives passed a Farm Bill and the U.S .Senate passed a Farm Bill. Currently the Conference Committees are trying to work out the differences between the two and then have each body vote on a Farm Bill.

I have been told there are not a lot of differences between the House and Senate Farm Bills other than some work or training requirements to be eligible for the SNAP program in the House version. The Commodity Titles are very similar to the Farm Bill that just expired. Apparently the new Farm Bill has provisions that would provide more help for dairy farmers.

Fortunately for now most things will not change much. County Farm Service Agency offices will be open, Crop Insurance is funded permanently. That means crop losses will be paid to farmers this fall. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will remain in operation. Another important program that will likely be used a lot because of low prices, the Commodity Credit Cooperation will be able to process crop loans too.I still think with this being an election year, Congress will extend the expired Farm Bill for one more year. Hopefully I am wrong, but that is what happened the last time.

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