The USDA Farm Service Agency and Minnesota Department of Agriculture have teamed up to make copies of the Coping with Farm and Rural Stress in Minnesota brochures available at USDA County FSA offices all around Minnesota. Farmers can call 651-201-6012 and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will mail a brochure to you. Copies can also be downloaded at the web site

"we've been hearing from farmers who are worried about the stress loads that so many of their friends, neighbors, and relatives are under," said Meg Moynihan, MDA senior advisor. :They want to help the people they care about find the right kind of support, but sometimes aren't sure where to turn."

This spring was a struggle to say the least with all the rain.That compounded the stress farm families were under. We are now in a hope phase where we wait and see how things turn out. We know that it will not be a "bin buster" crop. To compensate we are hoping corn and soybean prices will rally. Now it is all about the weather and what happens to corn and soybean prices.

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