Faribault police reported late Saturday morning they were dispatched to a report of a rottweiler attack in the area of the 1000 block of First Avenue Northwest. Chief Andy Bohlen said two adult dogs were involved in the attack, and part of the attack was witnessed by a responding Faribault police officer.

A male teen and two adult males were injured in the attack, sustaining multiple bite marks. All three victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. One of the men suffered serious injuries to his left wrist, elbow and forearm, and was eventually transported to a trauma center for more treatment. The other adult and teen were treated at District One Hospital and released.

According to a news release from Bohlen, the first officer arrived at the scene and observed the two dogs in the location of the call. An adult male approached the officer, and the dogs charged and began to attack the man. One of the attacking dogs then charged the officer. A witness said the dog was running toward the officer and he fired the first shot at less than 5 feet. The officer then shot the attacking dog multiple times until the animal stopped. The dog was tended to by a veterinarian and later euthanized at the scene.

The other rottweiler fled the area and was followed by members of the Faribault Fire Department and police to an area near Two Rivers Park. Through investigation, Bohlen said officers made contact with the apparent owner of the two dogs and he arrived at the park and was able to get the remaining dog into a personal vehicle. The rottweiler was taken to the Faribault Vet Clinic and also was euthanized. Rabies testing is being completed on the two animals and Bohlen noted they were not current on their vaccinations.

Bohlen said, "It is unfortunate that the animals needed to be put down, but these situations change quickly. I am grateful for the officers' quick response and coordinated efforts with the Community Services Division and Faribault Fire Department. Additional potential victims were protected because of their swift actions."

Authorities did not identify the owner of the dogs or the victims.