We've got a lot of great dads here at Townsquare Media Faribault-Owatonna, bringing you the local news and sports, as well as your favorite music, from KDHL, Power 96, KRFO and Kat Kountry 105. And they all enjoy hanging out with their kids. Here's what they have to say about being a dad.

Paul Benzick, operations manager: "Like the song says, they think we are just fishing, but it is way more than that to me to be able to hunt and fish with my girls." Paul and his wife pose with their daughters, Alyssa and Hannah.

John Connor, sales: John says he enjoys "the time spent with the children as a family playing games, school plays, coaching park and rec teams and family vacations." Here he is with his family in 1987.

Mike Eiler, Power 96 brand manager: "I always looked forward to going on our family trips each summer with the kids. We would pick out an amusement park or waterpark to go to and would usually spend a couple days there riding on the rides. We'd start planning in the spring which park we were going to visit; it had to have some record-breaking ride at it to qualify because we were always looking for something higher or faster or something that would deliver a longer ride," Mike says. "They've all grown up and have careers and kids of their own. I tell them that my grandchildren are grandpa's future rollercoaster co-riders."

Brad Fischer, sales: "Starting when she was 8 months old, Lydia and I went to Walt Disney World 10 straight years for spring break! We would get to the park we were visiting that day before it opened so we would be first in line for the “big” rides we wanted to go on. No waiting! And then back to the house by the middle of the afternoon for pool time. We haven’t been to Disney in three years; now we head to the Cities for a weekend each spring at a hotel and lots of shopping at the Mall of America! I think it’s important to have some go to family traditions that you look forward to each year."

Jerry Groskreutz, KDHL farm director: "The best part of being a dad is watching your children grow, mature and become responsible adults. Especially when you hear comments about them being hard-working, focused and dedicated."

Loren Hart, KRFO-AM/Kat Kountry 105 brand manager: Loren and his daughter, Hannah, before her prom.

Roy Koenig, KRFO-AM/Kat Kountry 105 sports director: "I've enjoyed how the job of being a parent changes as my children have grown up. The challenges are so different from the time they are a baby and toddler to the teenage and young adults years. From reading them bedtime stories and teaching them how to play games, to teaching them how to drive and handle the joys and disappointments of life." Here Roy is pictured with his wife, Chris, and children Cynthia and Aaron.

Bernie Orhn, sales: "It's amazing how your children can melt your heart and make it grow at the same time."

Duane Thomas, sales: "I enjoy being a dad for so many reasons," Duane says. "Probably one of the top reasons is being able to see him (son Nick) evolve into the fine young man that he is today. I still think my favorite age for my son was when he was 2. He was a 'terrific' two and not a 'terrible' two. That was truly his age of discovery and bonding with me."

Jeff "Woody" Woodrich, KRFO-AM/Kat Kountry 105 announcer: With sons Jacob "Bear" and Josh "Woody."

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