Here is another sign things are returning to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) held their quarterly board meeting in person. Maybe no more Zoom meetings? I suspect though, in the future many meetings will be held in person with a Zoom meeting as an option for some that do not have time to travel to the meeting?

It was nice to see Faribault native (and my representative) Gail Donkers elected treasurer of the MSR&PC. Directors or representatives from different districts in Minnesota are elected by soybean growers to represent them on the MSR&PC board. The MSR&PC board oversee the investment of the mandatory check-off. Every time soybean growers sell a bushel of soybeans we pay a small fee into the check-off. Those funds can be used only for research, education and promotion.

Joe Serbus from Bird Island was elected chair of the MSR&PC, Tom Frisch from Dumont was elected vice-chair and Pat Sullival from Franklin was re-elected secretary. "I'm honored my fellow farmers have put their confidence in me to lead this first-class organization," said Serbus. "Being part of the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council has allowed me to be more involved in Minnesota's Agriculture, and I've seen firsthand how the soybean check-off improves Minnesota farmers' bottom lines.

The MSR&PC board has 15 members elected to 3 year terms that represent 28,000 Minnesota Soybean farmers. Sebrus said he is eager to hit the ground running and visit with soybean growers as the council starts holding more in-person events, including the upcoming Farmfest near Red Wood Falls August 3-5 2021.

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