Todd Sesker, Superintendent of the Faribault Public School District 656 told School Board members tonight interviews will be taking place for the new Middle School Principal soon.

Current Principal Michael Meihak was chosen to be the new Superintendent in the New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva district.  He will begin his new job on July 1, 2021.

Meihak became Faribault Middle School Principal in June of 2014.  From August 1993 to November of 2011 he was the Principal and Activities Director at Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton.

From December 2011 to July 2012 he was School Renewal Specialist at the Central District in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Meihak also spent nine years as Principal at the Yellow Medicine East School District in Granite Falls, Minnesota.

Sesker says, "Interviews will be on the 19th of April.  Then we will hopefully have a candidate ready to go on the 26th for your approval."

Board Chair Chad Wolff add, "Just a thank you to Mr. Meihak and best wishes to him in his new endeavors that'll start in July I believe.  Wonderful for him and again thank you."

Board member Jerry Robicheau said it was, "A good opportunity for him."

Applications for the Faribault Middle School position are scheduled to close April 7, 2021.

The Faribault Public School Board will be attending a virtual presentation by the Minnesota School Board Association April 12th entitled "Hiring the Right Superintendent."

Faribault will be conducting their own Superintendent search in the future prompting the workshop.

The board also passed a resolution that happens each spring.  The Termination and Non-Renewal of the Teaching Contracts of Probationary Teachers.  The list includes 9 people.  8 full-time and 1 part-time position.

Included on the list are 2 distance learning elementary teachers, a phy ed position at Jefferson Elementary, math teacher at the high school, 2 elementary teachers at Roosevelt Elementary, math/science teacher at the middle school, a elementary position at Lincoln Elementary and part-time social studies teacher at the middle school.

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