Kwik Trip is hinting at bringing back a polarizing drink to their dairy section. The Wisconsin-based chain had a root beer flavored milk available for a while, but discontinued it in March of 2020.

This announcement last year had people voicing their opinions on both sides of the dairy aisle:

I never tried this milk for myself (dairy allergy) but with opinions this polarizing, I feel like I need to find a way to at least smell the flavored beverage.

Over the weekend Kwik Trip shared a group of Twitter screenshots to Facebook from fans asking the convenience store chain to bring it back. One person logged into Twitter for the first time in eight years to mention Kwik Trip about it, some were sharing their love of it, and some people were just straight-up asking for it to be brought back.

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Kwik Trip shared it with the caption: "Posting this for absolutely no reason.." with the side-eye emoji. The brand is known for having a little sass online and I can only interpret this as their way of teasing the return of root beer flavored milk. There's no way they would go to the trouble of getting screen grabs from one social network, posting it to another, and then not bring back the drink. At least that's the logic of it in my head.

If and when this drink comes back, I'll be making sure my fiance gets a gallon to try it for me. I'm so curious to know what this magical milk tastes like, and what side of the aisle he will be on.

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