The postponed and rescheduled Faribault Heritage Days parade was held Friday evening. We began the parade with clear skies but as I was loading the 820 after the parade it was looking like rain was moving in from the west. At least it was not a heavy rain storm like when the parade was postponed. In the picture is Brandon getting ready to drive my John Deere 820 in the parade.

Remember during the Heritage Days Celebration Brandon Found the Medallion. If you find it you can ride with me on the 820 in the parade. Brandon rode with me in the North Morristown parade and then the Heritage Days parade was rescheduled. The parade was nice but it was not quite the same. There were a lot less units in the parade and not nearly as many there to watch the parade either.

I have seen it many times when you have to postpone an event because of bad weather. Normally attendance is lower when the event is rescheduled.


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