The Faribault Gymnastics Club has set up a go fund me account in an effort to raise funds during this second shutdown by the Governor's mandate.  There is a sign on the front door of the facility requesting our help.

The club is a nonprofit organization and Coach Chrissie Craig says without community support they might not be able to survive.  The club has been in Faribault for 35 years.

Gymnastics lessons are provided to boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.  During a normal week (when there was no COVID-19) between 350 and 450 kids were energize the gym.

Craig says the first shutdown took approximately 4 months after they thought it would only be for a couple weeks.

Craig coaches toddlers to teens, "We were finally allowed to open back up in July.  With capacity limits still being enforced we had to cap class sizes and accept less participants.  On top of that, most gymnasts were enrolled off credits from the spring when they registered but couldn't be open due to the shutdown.  This fall we were able to expand our class schedule but we still had to follow capacity limits."

Craig points out, "The gym has a hefty mortgage payment, heat bill, etc. each month and unfortunately the large property tax payment is due as well.  With no funds coming in it puts the gym in even more of a financial pinch."

The goal by the Faribault Gymnastics Club is to raise $15,000.  The account was set up just a couple days ago and over $1,000 has been pledged already.

I know the Faribault community has a huge heart as evidenced by the FREE Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner the past three decades plus.  With that not happening this year let's see if we can assist the Faribault Gymnastics Club in meeting and exceeeding their goal.

I sure would miss seeing the gymnasts on a float during the Heritage Days Parade next year.

You can pledge or get more details here.


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