Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President/CEO Nort Johnson told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners today the Governor didn't have to prolong his announcement concerning bars and restaurants.

Johnson said, "Our businesses right now that are affected by this. If they (Governor's Office) had made a decision three days ago that they're going to a certain capacity or a certain date, etc.   They (restaurants and bars) need to order food.  They need to line their staff back up.  They need to let their customers know and they need to prepare."

"But the whole anticipation about what's he going to say and a couple hours before let it out, these people that have been working hard just trying to keep their heads above water.  On pins and needles." Johnson added, "One of the things they've been asking for is information as soon as it can be released and then this whole build up.

The Faribault Chamber Executive says, "The theatrics involved with this, I'm calling b.s. on behalf of my businesses that are sitting and waiting for information that they need that they could have."

"I'm not questioning necessarily the decisions of the one guy that's making them right now but the process is wrong.  The process is not how we run this here.  It would be like Mayor Voracek taking over Faribault and not listening to the rest of the Council.   Well he can talk to them but ultimately there's no votes on these things."

Johnson continued, "It has been months and months and so now we're getting back to some issues (State Legislature back in session) they'll be able to work on but it's time for us to be run as we are constitutionally obliged to."

The AM Minnesota program for Wednesday, January 6, 2021 can be heard here.


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