With all the cancellations to report over the last couple of weeks the Faribault City Council tonight indicated the traditional fireworks on the 4th of July is going to happen.

City Administrator Tim Murray polled the Council meeting as a Joint Committee after telling them city staff were in favor of shooting them off, " The fair has been cancelled and a lot of other stuff has been either cancelled or postponed so I just wanted to confirm with the council that you are okay with proceeding with a fireworks show or not."

Some Council members inquired about policing the area and reminding people about social distancing.  Council Member Jana Viscomi didn't necessarily think that was needed saying, "I think we are all pretty mindful of social distancing at this point.  I don't really think you need to police Alexander Park to ask people their background and their family and how they drove here.  I think you can see the fireworks from a lot of places in town.  I don't think you have to worry about people sitting on top of each other to watch.  So I think it should happen."

Murray added city staff have had discussions with the Rice County Fair Board about having the event, "As far as putting up you know at the entryways into the park some extra signs about keeping your distance and possibly even having some other things going on in conjunction with it and making it even more than a fireworks show."

The formal vote will be taken at the next Faribault City Council meeting.

The  Charitable Gambling Board each year pays for the Faribault fireworks display on the 4th of July.  This year $14,000 has been budgeted.

RES Specialty Pyrotechnis, Inc. was the only company to submit a bid this year.  They have been presenting the City's fireworks display since 2013.

The display site will be the Rice County Fairgrounds.

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