Rochester REALTOR goes viral because...well, it looks like she sold a porta-potty.

We all know that the housing market in Rochester is a little bit on the inflated side.  I didn't realize until today though that REALTORS in Rochester were now selling porta-potties and getting $50,000+ over asking price for those too.  Ok, they aren't but one real estate agent in our area has a sold sign that has gone viral thanks to comedian Daniel Tosh.

Daniel Tosh posted on his Facebook page, Tosh.O. the photo below with the caption "and only paid $50,000 over asking" and after just a few hours it has already been shared about 3,000 times.

Credit: LaRayne Patterson
Credit: LaRayne Patterson

How does the REALTOR feel about her latest porta-potty fame?

At one point in my life, I also was a REALTOR and so I know quite a few that are still in the industry, including the agent whose face and name is featured on this real estate sign.  I reached out to Denel Ihde-Sparks to let her know that this is super hilarious and to see how she is feeling about all of this new claim to fame.

I love good humor! It’s hilarious to me that this has gone viral nationally! I think there are a lot of markets struggling with low inventory so I can see how this picture resonates with many! It’s all in good fun!  Unreal. Tosh.O. - Denel Ihde-Sparks, REALTOR, RE/MAX Results

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