Skating rinks and frozen lakes are fun, but if you're looking for a skating adventure you gotta go North to Warroad, Minnesota.

The Riverbend Skate Path is a new addition to the Warroad community:

Thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated community members, this 2+ mile skating path is open to all! The skate path connects the various river rinks along its path and is flanked by a groomed cross-country ski path on one side and a snowmobile trail on the other.

All along the path people have been having winter fun. Pulling sleds, practicing their puck handling, make-shift curling games, broomball, and just enjoying the great outdoors in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The path has been seeing anywhere from 300-400 skaters a day. Donated, unsold Christmas trees line the path, as well as various fire pits, lights, and fun. Doc's Harbor Inn serves as a public access point has rentals available if needed.

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The idea started with a few families who wanted to connect their homemade skating rinks together. They decided to follow the natural bend of the river for their path, which was about 3/4 of a mile long. Once that was completed they thought "why not just continue the path and loop more rinks in?"

So they did. And now they are maintaining it for others to use this winter, with the goal of hopefully one day getting a zamboni to really make it shine.

A Riverbend Skate Path Maintenance Fund has been established through Warroad Community Partners. Any funds raised will be allocated to equipment and fuel to maintain the path, and additional things like lighting the trail.

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