Minnesota, the winter capital of the continental United States, is home to numerous ice skating rinks.

Now, as a kid, my family and I usually just skated on our aunt's pond, but if that's not an option for you, take some time and check out one of these fantastic Southern Minnesota ice rinks.

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Incredible Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks in Southern Minnesota

Starting in the east, we have the beautiful Lake Lodge Recreation Center in Winona. (The towering bluffs make for a marvelous backdrop.)

In Rochester, Soldiers Field Park is a wonderful option. Not only do they have an oval track, but also numerous ice rinks and a great warming house. 

 And for any big hockey fans, the Southern Minnesota Pond Hockey Championship Rink in Fairmont is a dream. 

Now, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning our very own ice skating rink at Morehouse Park in Owatonna. In fact, tomorrow (Jan 29th), Owatonna Parks and Recreation is hosting a 'Rock on Ice' event at Morehouse as part of the annual Bold and Cold Winter Festival.

Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

The Twin Cities is a hub to just about everything, ice rinks included. In fact, North America's largest outdoor refrigerated rink is right in Roseville. The Oval does have an admission fee of $7.

Of course, Maple Grove's skating loop is a personal favorite of mine, but if frozen lakes are more your style, check out Centennial Lakes Park in Edina or Buffalo Lake in Buffalo.

As you can see, there's no short supply of ice skating options in Southern Minnesota. You just got to be able to find them!

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