I am so amazed by this...four Girl Scouts in Eyota with the desire to do something significant for the people in their community have really come thru!

It took 18 months of hard work, but now Jaden Andring, Kylie Reynolds, Emili Tebay and Abby Troke have created something big. Something that'll last, and have a lasting impact on their community.

Ever think about how to start a food pantry? Well, they did. They did the leg work, contacting a church for help, working with local business, their school, and city hall to make their Girl Scouts Silver Project a reality.

It's a lot of work, and according to an ABC 6 NEWS story, at first, no one showed up!

"The first month that it was open nobody came but we also hadn't gotten very much information or fliers out about it," Reynolds said.

But over time, more and more people showed up, and with different businesses being the collection point for food, it's fully stocked for the holidays.

If you need help from the pantry, it's open the first Monday and third Sunday of each month at 18 2nd Street SE in Eyota.

One final thought, in the ABC 6 News story Abby Troke says something I just love.

"In 18 months we got it completely done and I think if you can just put your mind to it and try at least you'll make some sort of difference," she said.

So much yes to this. Put your mind to it, and try. You'll make a difference! Love it!


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