Did you know there is a World Games for Special Olympics? Well, in addition to the Area, State, and US Games, they also have World Games. This is such an amazing opportunity to participate in, the athletes are not just representing their local teams, they are representing the United States.

The Owatonna Area Special Olympics management team got the list of eligible athletes who are invited to apply, and to our surprise, there were 11 athletes who have been selected to submit their applications. We couldn't be more proud of these athletes, as they are so very deserving of the chance to represent MN, as well as the USA.

The odds of being selected are not that high, they only need one male athlete from Track and Field, and one male athlete from Bowling, but, even being asked to apply for consideration is such an honor. The World Games will be in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates in March of 2019. A little less than a year away, and of course preparations are underway.

Congratulations to all of those who have been selected, we wish you all the best! Now, how do I get to go with as a coach?

Tomasz Wyszoamirski/ThinkStock

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