The Exchange Club of Owatonna recently held its 40th Book of Golden Deeds banquet which was held at Torey’s Supper Club on April 21st. It was at this banquet this year's recipient of the Book of Golden Deeds was awarded to one member of the club. This year's recipient was Dan Gorman.

According to an online post about the group, Gorman won out of a group of five nominees. The award, the Book of Golden Deeds, goes to someone who is recognized as "a dedicated volunteer who gives endless hours of their time and talents toward making their communities better places to live."

The nominees for the award were: Kay Oberle, Sue and Dave Schroeder, Dan Gorman, Taylor Herman, and Kathleen Miller.

The Exchange Club of Owatonna and the National Exchange Club's core values are; "Family, Community, Country, and the Prevention of Child Abuse."

The National Exchange Club's history goes back to "March 27, 1911, when the Exchange was founded in Detroit, MI, by a group of businessmen known as the Boosters’ Club, the organization began as an “exchange” of ideas about what the members might accomplish with their collective talents and mutual interests.

"Today, Exchange boasts more than 650 clubs and nearly 20,000 members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The Programs of Service and National Project guide the services each club provides to its community, based on the needs of a given community and the club members’ interests."

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