It was a while back I heard Gordy talking with Rice County Sheriff Dunn on the air about citizens of Rice County signing up for the Everybridge Emergency Notification system. So, I finally signed up to receive all emergency notifications by email, text message and a call on my cell phone. Then I pretty much forgot about it until Saturday night about 10:00 as I was leaving the farm to drive back to Faribault.

I had read the forecast many times so I knew there was a good chance of thunderstorms and maybe heavy rain. All at once my cell phone began ringing and dinging as I received a phone call, text message and email emergency alert. Faribault and Rice County was in a flash food warning. It was helpful too I was informed that the storm and heavy rain was moving from Mankato toward Faribault.

A short time later I heard the warning from the National Weather Service on KDHL so even if I had not signed up for Everbridge I would have known about the flash flood warning. However, the next time I might not be able to be listening to the radio, but we all have our cell phones all the time don't we? If you have not signed up maybe you should!

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