Is it just me, or does it seem like we have a ton of streets that could really use some work (to put it nicely)? It feels like I have to swerve away from potholes every morning. The road I take to work is so rough and bumpy.  And this is all despite all the construction on every major roadway that seems to take forever to complete.

It turns out that I'm not alone in my frustrations, because the American Society of Civil Engineers just gave Minnesota a 'C' grade for its infrastructure. Even worse, Minnesota's roadways are apparently so bad that they earned a 'D+' rating. The report also looked at our state's public transit, wastewater systems, drinking water, and airports, which earned the highest grade of a 'B'. I'm thinking we can do better, Minnesota. How are things so bad when construction season seems like it's a year-long event?

At least we aren't the Twin Cities, where the average driver spends 41 hours in traffic jams every year. Oof.

Source: KTTC

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