Did you know that the Rice County Historical Society Museum is open to take a tour through during the Rice County Fair? There are all kinds of things available to check out on the grounds around the museum, including the Rice County Steam and Gas Engine display with running engines, a blacksmith that you can purchase handmade items from, wood carving, quilters and other interactive displays you can visit.

Inside you can take a tour of the museum, and while you're there make sure to check out the the vintage Erector Set display courtesy of Don Hora. When I walked through the door and saw this extensive display I had a feeling of traveling back in time to my childhood and the first Erector set I received as a Christmas present. My family and friends would have a blast playing with and building all kinds of interesting contraptions with my set, which slowly grew thanks to my Mom picking up other sets at garage sales. The sets you see on display are just the tip of the iceberg as Don has been buying sets and pieces for years and even has a room dedicated to storing his collection. Want to know more about A.C. Gilbert's Erector Sets? Visit the A.C. Gilbert Heritage Society's website.

Stop by and check it out for yourself along with the many other activities going on at The Rice County Historical Society Museum at the Rice County Fair now through Sunday in Faribault.

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