My wife and I started our morning by perusing the many different booths filled with all kinds of treasures at today's Rice County Historical Society‘s Fall Flea Market on the grounds around their museum. On this beautiful sunny day, the turnout of vendors and patrons was good and the varied offerings that each booth had was diverse and interesting. The morning was filled with the sounds of music from a gentleman entertaining the patrons with the some music played on his accordion. We wandered through the grounds looking at some interesting items and most were priced quite reasonably. The booths were selling everything from crafts to antiques to tools to toys and more.

At one of the vendor's I picked up an old school phone but the thing that caught my eye was that it was a Star Trek/USS Enterprise phone. I have a friend that collects all kinds of Star Trek memorabilia and figured he probably didn't have this in his collection. I also scored a Jessie doll from the Toy Story franchise, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and a stack of Disney books for the grandkids. There were so many other things I would've liked to purchase but there's only so much money in my wallet.

The Rice County Historical Society's Flea Market continues until 2PM today and there's plenty of things just waiting for you to buy them. Plus the Rice County Historical Society  will open and free to the public during the sale.

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