Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler said a decision on a new label registration for dicamba products should be ready "sometime in the middle of October." EPA Administrator Wheeler was in Minnesota this week and delivered the welcome news in an interview with the Red River Farm Network.

The original registration for over the top of dicamba on soybeans was only for 2 years. So, long ago the companies with this technology began the re-registration process. It was turned upside down last June with the court ruling vacating the registration label for dicambia. It was reinstated in a few days but the ordeal really raised the question if there would be another registration for dicamba on soybeans?

More than a month ago farmers began already making their seed decisions for the 2021 crop. The questions about being able to apply dicamba on soybeans has created a lot of uncertainty making those seed decisions and what technology platform you needed, or could use.

So, it is good news that we should have the EPA decision by the middle of this month. Remember though, when or if the EPA gives us another registration for dicamba on soybeans that is only the first step. If the EPA approves of dicamba on soybeans for the 2021 growing season the Minnesota Department of Agriculture must also approve of it's use in Minnesota!

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