I just wanted to let everyone know I did have enough fuel in my John Deere 820 for the North Morristown Parade on Monday. Just before the Heritage Days parade in Faribault I noticed the fuel sediment bowl was only about half full. Checking the fuel tank it was dry! I do have a fuel gauge, but it has not worked for a long time. Guess I should have gotten it fixed! If you run those old John Deere 2-cylinders out of fuel it will take you a while to get them running again. You have to get all the air out of the system by bleeding the fuel lines.

So, I did have plenty of fuel for the Fourth of July North Morristown parade. Driving through the parade I had to stop and take a picture of these two little boys. I see this quite often. Notice they are covering their ears. Yes, my tractor is loud. Many have said the 2-cylinders John Deeres go putt-putt. I say my 820 goes bang-bang! I remember dad having the local John Deere dealer overhaul the 820. I saw the pistons on the shop bench. They are 12 inches in diameter. I remember going to bed at night after plowing and my ears would be ringing. We never thougt about or used hearing protection back then. Maybe that is why Louise says I cannot hear, or it is because I am a man?

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