lights reflecting like a tower

I know the calander says it is not winter yet, but it sure feels like it! Driving to the studio this morning about 4:15 along Highway 3 by the Fair Grounds I noticed this rather unusual site. This is actually the Rice County Highway Department building.

I assume the frozen water crystals in the air were reflecting the light from these street lights. There was no wind, completely calm. That allowed the light to reflect straight up like there were numerous towers at the Rice County Highway building.

It also struck me as unusual that I did not notice the light being reflected straight up anywhere else in Faribault on the way to the studio? I guess the weather conditions were just right at the Highway Building.

I guess this is one of the "fringe benefits"  of living in a cold climate like Minnesota. In the Southern United States where it is  warmer there would be no ice crystals in the air to reflect the light. We should feel fortunate that we can witness things like that right?

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