I think the older I get the more I am interested in the weather and "old weather phrases" or folklore. Knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow, next week, next month or the next growing season would be a very good thing to know! Watching wildlife and nature, then living through the seasons our forefathers noticed trends and then passed that information down through the generations.

An older farmer called me last week and mentioned that it looked like the weather in January of 2020 would be fairly cold and then February and March 2020 would be mild. I asked how he knew and he said because of Ember Days. I was puzzled because I had never heard of Ember Days! He asked didn't your grandfather tell you about Ember Days?

Many Christians observe Ember Days which is a cluster of four sets of three days set aside by the Church as a way of marking the passage of the four seasons in the year. I am still wondering why I have never heard of Ember Days at Sunday School, during confirmation classes or even during a sermon?

The Winter Ember Days this year were December 13,  which was last Wednesday, Friday, yesterday and today Saturday.  On Wednesday it was quite cold which would predict January 2020 will be cold. Friday and Today it was much warmer than normal so Ember Days would predict that February and March will be warmer than normal.

So, I will pay even more attention this year and see if were able to predict the weather the next 3 months!

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