It was fun to be over in Elysian on Friday to host KDHL's AM Minnesota program discussing their 4th of July celebration. Typically we would broadcast the program from the Elysian City office. This year Jeanne Zwart suggested using the Elysian Library and Heritage Center. The Elysian library used to be in the old creamery building until the owner put it up for sale. A new home for the library needed to be found quickly. Fortunately the former Childs antenna building was available.

When the building was inspected it was found to be structurally very sound. Sure, it needed remodeling, but with the help of a lot of volunteers the Elysian Library has a new home. In addition the Elysian Library is part of the Waseca Le Sueur Traverse des Sioux Library System. Books and other materials can be reserved and checked out at the Elysian Library. Yes, there were a lot of books in the Elysian Library. In this age of computers and cell phones maybe there is still a place for books!

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