The grain and livestock markets will close at the normal time today, Thursday April 14, 2022. They will be closed Tomorrow Good Friday. The grain markets will reopen normal time Sunday evening at 7:00 for the overnight session. The livestock markets will reopen normal time Monday morning at 8:30 am. Some of the financial and outside markets will trade for a while on Friday. So as Gordy Kralovetz with Chiodo Commodities said if you have positions on you better keep an eye on what is happening.

Typically going into a long holiday weekend all the ag and outside markets are pretty quiet. You will see the markets go back and forth as traders square up positions going into the long weekend. However, as Gordy says, maybe one time in 10 some news breaks that shakes the market. Typically already the trading is a little thin and then you can get a huge move! This year the potential, is there that increases the chances of a big move. The weather here in the U.S. and South America less than ideal and then there is the war in the Ukraine.

Yesterday we heard that the Russian Navy's flagship in the Black Sea was on fire and abandoned. One report from the Ukraine said it was hit by two cruise missiles while Russia said some ammunition just caught fire. Whatever the facts or true story may be, an escalation in the war could cause even more volatility than we have seen so far!

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