John McCarthy, Dundas city administrator, says the city will actively search for a part-time police officer, a position that was approved before the city council meeting on Monday. McCarthy feels now is the time that his officer be added, hopefully by sometime in September.

According to the Northfield News report, McCarthy says they may need another person to help with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reporting. Adding the additional officer will add $12,822 to the proposed 2018 budget. The budget increase would be $7,622 from the 2018 estimate because of line-item reductions.

In his report, he also said that for the first half of the year the city took in $641,269, which is $21,126 more than last year. This year’s expenditures, however, are up $6,117. The budget numbers for the first half look good when projected out for the entire year. Those numbers exceed the budgeted amount of revenue by $219,980. Revenue from building permits has largely driven the increase, because the city has issued eight building permits this year for new single-family homes, which reportedly have a total value of $1.5 million, and permits for commercial construction top $4.1 million. General government expenditures are under budget by $60,000. Revenue from the water fund has increased $23,399 from last year and the sewer fund is up $8,558. The storm water fund is also up by $1,003.

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