Northfield trucks assisted by a backup engine from the Faribault Fire Department. Northfield Ambulance, Northfield Police Department, Dundas Police Department and Rice County Sheriff’s Office were on the scene of a duplex fire on West Mill Street in Dundas on Tuesday. The fire was reported around 2 pm. One family that lived on one side of the duplex, Janna Greene was at work, and her three children ages 9,6 and 4 were at school.

Greene got a call from her neighbors saying the house was on fire. It appears to have started on the backside of the house. Greene is not sure what she is going to do as she does not have any renter's insurance. The family on the other side of the duplex was not home as well.

Greene works at L & M Bar in Dundas. Pauline Thibodeau the owner is working on a fundraiser. Neighbors were showing their support by dropping off clothes for the kids.

Firefighters opened up the roof to vent fire that had gotten into the attic area. An engine from Faribault was called in when the fire jumped the firewall between residences and began to affect the other side.

According to the Northfield News, the Minnesota Fire Marshal was called in to investigate the cause of the blaze.


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