Rain was in the forecast but I am pretty sure it was not calling for 5 or 6 inches? It did say "higher amounts possible in thunderstorms" though. I finished spraying the sweet corn Friday evening to beat the rain on Saturday so I was at home in Faribault. Light rain began about 10:00 and there were showers moving through until late afternoon. There was very little wind, no hail and the rain did not seem heavy. Therefore I was surprised when I began receiving rain gauge reports.

South side of Faribault 5.9 inches

John called from Webster northwest Rice County 2.0 inches

Art called from Cannon City 5.1 inches no wind or hail

Adrian reported by Truckers Inn 3.8 inches

My farm by Wells .7 inches

I am sure Monday morning back at the studio I will get more rain gauge reports called in. It will be interesting to see how widespread the heavier rain was. When I found out how heavy the rain was I had to take a drive out in the country to see how much water was ponded in the fields. You could not see in the corn fields because of how tall the corn was but there was not much water standing in the bean fields.

Plus the rivers, creeks and drainage ditches did not have a lot of water in them either. Fortunately the rain did not come in a downpour just a steady rain. Apparently the soil was so dry it absorbed most of the moisture! So, now the real question, how long will it take for this brown grass in my lawn to green up and begin growing again?



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