I have a teen in my house who does not think that winter is really here. It was cold this morning, below zero for the temps and the wind chill is even worse. You know it's cold when your car, parked in the garage, turns around and says "what?" when you try to start it. Anyway, my child, whom I love and want to keep safe, decided she does not want to wear a winter coat.

In fact, my child, has told me that she does not even want a winter coat. She went to school wearing a Vikings jersey today, go Vikes!, and her Vikings stocking cap. At least she was wearing pants and shoes, not shorts and sandals. I, on the other hand, used to wear so many layers I could not put my arms down at my sides.

I don't recall being that obstinate over bundling up in the cold weather, but, it seems as though I am seeing several children every day who are not dressed for the weather. When I pick my daughter up from school today, I just know she will not be the only one not wearing a winter coat, gloves, or boots. These are not young children who don't know any better either, it is the older children, the teenagers, those who are old enough to know that you need layers on when it is this cold.

I was told this morning, that since she does not need to go outside for recess anymore, she's fine. So, natural consequences prevail. There is a coat for her in my vehicle, but, if she wants to freeze walking into the school, or walking out to my warm vehicle, that's on her. I am still shaking my head at the kids today who will wear a hat, but, no coat. Or, if they are wearing a coat, it's with shorts.


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