The Wildlife Science Center in Stacy, which is the organization in which several wolves escaped from last week, posted to social media last night about the escaped wolves and pled with the public to "not shoot" the animals, after stating one of the escaped wolves was shot in a trailer court in Stacy.

The post from the center goes on to explain why a wolf pup was taken from its mother to be bottle-fed, which staff at the wildlife center believe was the reason behind the wolves wanting to escape their enclosure in search of the lone pup.

Two of the escaped wolves found their way into a trailer court in Stacy, where one was reportedly shot, the other was alleged by the center to have been "hit-by-car, but someone took the body" so the center is unable to know which wolf it was.

The post from the center goes on to state that reports are helpful to staff in bringing back the remaining wolves, and a public plea went out to not 'chase', 'harass', or 'shoot' the remaining wolves.

Many if you have asked how you can help...we need to get reports of sightings as soon as possible because these guys are moving constantly and we have been just behind at least one of our boys for the past 2 days. PLEASE don't chase them or harass them! They are exhausted and hungry, and we don't want any more hit by cars. Educate friends and family about wolves...they are no risk to people. Yes they can go after small pets but our old man backed away from a screaming Jack Russell Sunday night. Since coyotes are prevalent in MN and also pose a threat to pets, use the same common sense when considering the possibility of a wolf crossing your back yard. PLEASE DON'T SHOOT OUR WOLVES!

The wolves have been out since last Thursday according to an earlier Fox 9 report. 

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