Some of you may want to move your Christmas tree.

I recently read an article that suggested where to NOT put your Christmas tree up in your house and this makes a lot of sense to me.

If you've put your tree up recently in your house and you've noticed that your internet connection hasn't been the same, it's no mistake.

A Christmas tree can interfere with your WiFi signal in your house if you put the tree up too close to your router.

Plus, if you plug your tree into the same outlet that your router is plugged into, the lights on the tree can cause interference.


So, if you've noticed a slow down in your internet connection since putting up your tree, don't call your internet provider yet, evaluate where your tree is in comparison to your router.

The ornaments and tinsel on your tree will really interfere with the waves sent from your router and that is the reason why you may notice a slow down with your internet.

Also, never block exits to your house with the tree and you NEVER want to place your tree too close to a heater or fireplace in your house.

Christmas trees can be very dangerous and if you have a real tree in your house, please make sure that there's always plenty of water in the stand.

Now, some of you are probably saying that you've figured out why your WiFi sucks at home, and I was glad to help.

Back to surfing with ease once you relocate the Christmas tree in your house!

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