Unfortunately, Minnesota 'porch pirates' are out there watching front steps for a package to be delivered when no one is home -- then swooping in and stealing the gifts. We have some ideas on how to protect your purchases.

It's a crime of opportunity, and there's always an increase at this time of year. More online shopping + more front step deliveries = more opportunities for the Grinch.  An increase in front door cameras have been helping police catch more of the bad guys, but you know what they say about 'an ounce of prevention' -- so here are some ideas to stop the theft from happening in the first place.

Your 2018 Anti 'Porch-Pirate' Plan

  • Have packages delivered to your workplace. This is my personal choice.
  • Have packages sent to a trusted neighbor who is home during the day.
  • Have your packages sent to a store that accepts packages.
  • Sign up for UPS 'My Choice' which allows you to track your package and reroute it if you need to.
  • Use a UPS Access Point Locker to have your packages securely held until you arrive. There are a bunch of locations in the St. Cloud area, and you can find one HERE.

Merry Christmas, and don't let the porch-pirates add your packages to their booty. Let's make 'em walk the plank!

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