Attention shoppers: Dollar General just announced they're opening a new line of stores, for "higher end" shoppers, according to Penn Live.

The stores are going to be called "Popshelf" and everything in them will sell for around $5. Isn't that kind of what Dollar General already does?  I got the cutest pumpkin decoration with our last name initial on it at Dollar General recently, and it was $3. It's the cutest, by the way, not cheap looking at all. You could find something just like it on Etsy for 10 times the price. Back to my point...Dollar General already sells stuff for around $5, so I'm not getting the point of the new stores. Maybe because of the pandemic and so many people suffering financially, there's a need for stores with lower priced items? Maybe they want to attract people who turn their noses up at shopping at dollar stores?

There's no shame in my game. I love dollar type stores. Yeah, there's some junk, but, there's also great stuff that you can get...well, for a dollar, or close to it. Greeting cards and gift bags are a good example....they've gotten so expensive in the Hallmark stores or in Target. I'm not paying $5 or more for a card or a gift bag, when pretty much the same ones are in the dollar stores. I don't need a card that plays music or has glitter all over it...I just need a card. Whoever you're sending it to will most likely throw it away a few days after receiving it, so don't waste your money on the expensive ones.

Dollar General says Popshelf “aims to engage customers with a fun, affordable and stress-free shopping experience where they can find on-trend seasonal and home décor, health and beauty must-haves, home cleaning supplies, party goods, entertaining needs and much more, with approximately 95 percent of items priced at $5 or less.” Love it.

The first two "Popshelf" stores are opening down south, in the Nashville area, soon, and there are plans to open 30 more across the country by the end of 2021.

I'll let you know if I hear of any "Popshelf" stores opening in our area.

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