With people staying home more due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many shelters have seen an uptick in adoptions as Pups are finding their forever homes!

According to NBC News, the places that have seen the highest records of adoptions are the states that have had the highest restrictions put into place. States like, California, Florida, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas have seen many of their shelter numbers fall due to the overwhelming support that animals and shelters received in finding homes for the animals.Whether it being a foster home or an adoptive family.

Jarred Becker/TSM
Jarred Becker/TSM

I myself am part of the group of people who adopted a four-legged friend during the middle of this Pandemic! As you can see, Kona is a very spoiled pup and couldn't be happier to be with her forever home! If you ever get the chance, think about adopting a four-legged friend from a shelter or rescue. No matter if it is a cat or dog, they will love you forever!

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