It sure was nice to get started planting corn Monday afternoon. Not that I am complaining about the nice warm temperatures but it was a little too warm in the tractor cab. The air conditioner was not cooling as well as normal so I called Doctor Bill from Kibble Equipment in Owatonna. While my personal Doctor from Allina does not make house calls, Doctor Bill makes farm calls for my John Deere 4430. It took just a few minutes to recharge the air conditioner.

Doctor Bill always said there are two things that it they quit working farmers want fixed right away. When we are busy in the field, any repairs or maintenance that can be delayed will be until the next rainy day, except the air conditioner and the radio! However, Doctor Bill has added a third item to the list that if they quit working farmers want fixed right away. That is the hands free guidance system.

We have had nice quiet cabs with air conditioners and radios for more than 45 years and I guess we are a little spoiled! Now if there is a problem with the computer and the tractor cannot drive itself we want it fixed right away. We forget that the steering wheel in the cab still works!