Do you like crabgrass in your lawn? Maybe I should rephrase that question. Do you care if you have crabgrass in your lawn? If you don't care as long as your lawn is green from a distance than you do not have to do anything. Out at the farm I do not worry about a few dandelions or crabgrass. However, my lawn in Faribault, I do not want dandelions or crabgrass growing in it!

It is easy to kill dandelions. All it takes when the yellow flowers show up is a little 2-4 D in a little hand sprayer. When crabgrass shows up in your lawn you will likely have to look at it all summer lawn. It is very difficult to kill crabgrass in your lawn without killing the grass too! The key to controlling crabgrass is a pre-emergence herbicide applied soon.

You can hire a lawncare service or do it yourself. There are many lawncare services that do a very good job. It is quite simple to do it yourself too. All nursery's and hardware stores sell a spring lawn fertilizer or you get a fertilizer with crabgrass preventer added to it.

Fertilizer with crabgrass preventer has a herbicide added to it that prevents crabgrass seed from emerging. Crabgrass is an annual weed. It produces seed in the fall that overwinters and then germinates the next spring. Crabgrass is a warm season weed. It germinates when you have a few days with temperatures around 80 degrees.

Before too long it is important to spread the fertilizer with crabgrass preventer on your lawn. It is important to then water your lawn or get a rain. This will dissolve and activate the fertilizer and herbicide. Then you can enjoy your nice green lawn without looking at the light green crabgrass.

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