Minnesotans have deep-rooted traditions that we've all come to know and love. It's hard to say how some of them got started and trying to track down that information can be a bit of a pickle...literally.

Have you ever heard of the 'Minnesota Christmas Pickle'? If you're from Minnesota, you probably have. If you're not from Minnesota, you might be totally confused.

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On Christmas morning, the first person to find the glass Christmas pickle in their tree wins an extra gift or treat from Santa. There's also a version of this tradition where you don't win a gift, but rather good luck for the year.

The origin of the tradition is debated. Some people believed it started in Germany. Others say it actually started as a German-American tradition like 200 years ago. Because Minnesota had such a huge German population, it's a tradition that was/is widely celebrated.

I'm not sure the exact origin but I do know that every year many Minnesotans hide a glass Christmas pickle in their tree. Why a pickle? I'm not entirely sure. But, it's fun and you should try it. It's one of those games that seems silly, but everyone looks forward to it.

Minnesotans definitely have their own way about them, that's for sure. And, you know what they say ...' Don't knock it until you try it.' So, maybe this Christmas, hide a pickle in your tree and see if it's a hit. It might just become your new family tradition.


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