With Christmas a little over three weeks away, there is plenty to do to get ready for the holiday. This will be my first Christmas in Minnesota, so I decided to do some research on traditional Christmas foods that people from Minnesota and Wisconsin love. I stumbled across this article from Spoon University which named the most popular Christmas treats in each state. Let's see if true natives agree that these are the most popular and traditional foods for the holidays.


This article says that the most popular Christmas treat in Minnesota is Christmas Cookies. That is a very generic treat. You have sugar cookies, gingerbread, shortbread, rolls, and list goes on and on and on. I personally don’t have a favorite cookie. I love them all. How about you? Is there a native Christmas cookie to Minnesota? I guess I'll have to check into that a little more. I'm not going to lie, I totally thought that they were going to say the most popular Christmas treat was tater tot hotdish, but I guess not!

Now let's take a look at the dairy state of Wisconsin. This article said that the most popular treat in Wisconsin is a Tom and Jerry. I had to Google exactly what was in it, and it sounds so amazing. Apparently it is spiked homemade eggnog with brandy and rum. I can get behind that Christmas treat. But why the name Tom and Jerry? I don’t think the cat and mouse had anything to do with that. ;)

So... I've been invited to a few Christmas parties in the next few weeks. If I show up with Christmas cookies and Tom and Jerry's will people think I’m a native? Let us know if you agree that these are the most popular Christmas treats for Minnesota and Wisconsin inside our Station app.

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