Tuesday afternoon local farmer Brent Fuchs and I visited another 3rd grade class, this time Divine Mercy in Faribault. It does not seem to matter which school we visit, the 3rd graders are always attentive and well behaved. The teachers have control of their classes! I am sure it helps that it is something different having a couple farmers come to their classroom. I think it helps too that we have all those grocery store items on a table that they recognize.

It likely helps too that we have bags of pencils, erasers, colors and coloring books that we can give to each 3rd grader after our presentation thanks to the Minnesota Corn and Soybean Growers.I tell them if they are really good we will give the bags to their teachers. Then the teachers can decide if they were good they can give the bags to the kids! Later this month Brent and I will visit Jefferson and Roosevelt 3rd grade classes too.

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