It appears that the Minnesota Department of Transportation will have to wait at least one more year before they can issue permits for mowing ditches along state highways. A bill extending the moratorium for another year passed  the Minnesota Senate on April 30 by a vote of 53-13. The bill extending the moratorium passed the Minnesota House last week 109-18. Now the bill goes to Governor Dayton. Governor Dayton has not indicated if he will sign or veto the bill.

Looking at the vote in the House and Senate the bill has bipartisan support. It would appear Governor Dayton will sign the bill. He has more important issues like the budget and tax bill to work out before the end of the session. The ditch mowing backlash began in 2016.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation proposed requiring anyone who mows ditches along state highways would need a permit. That angered some who had for many years mowed ditches along state highways. The one year extension will allow agricultural interests, state transportation officials and environmental advocates more time to study the issue.

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