District 20A State Representative GOP endorsed candidate Pam Altendorf survived a strong challenge by Jesse Johnson of Cannon Falls in Tuesday's Primary Election.

With all 40 precincts reporting Altendorf had 202 more votes.  There were a total of 5,594 votes cast in the GOP Primary.

Altendorf total was 2,898, Johnson 2,696.  DFL candidate Laurel Stinson will square off with Altendorf in November.  Stinson's vote total was 2,738.

Voter turnout was about 29.7 percent across the entire district.

The district includes 2 Dakota County precincts (Douglas Township, Miesville) 24 Goodhue County precincts and 14 Wabasha County precincts.

Here is the breakdown of votes cast in the contest GOP race.

In Dakota County Johnson received 75 votes to 65 for Altendorf.

In Wabasha County Altendorf garnered 827 votes Johnson had 385.

Goodhue County is home to both GOP candidates.  Altendorf resides in Red Wing and Johnson in Cannon Falls.  Altendorf total 2,061 votes, Johnson 1,994 votes in Goodhue County.

Johnson had more votes in all but one of the 8 Red Wing precincts.  Altendorf fared better in the rural areas.  For example she received 126 votes in the community of Goodhue while Johnson got 79 votes.

Lake City also boosted Altendorf with 288 votes cast for her and 190 for Johnson.

In the quest to take the late U.S. Representative District 1 Jim Hagedorn's seat the endorsed candidate for the DFL party Jeff Ettinger will hold the office for the remainder of this year and go up against GOP endorsed candidate Brad Finstad in the General Election to take the seat in January for a 2 year term.

Totals from that race are below from the Minnesota Secretary of State website.


U.S. Representative District 1

Brad Finstad48,25776.04%
Jeremy Munson15,20723.96%
James Rainwater3,1195.59%
George H. Kalberer1,2662.27%
Jeff Ettinger51,39492.14%
Grassroots - Legalize CannabisCandidateTotalsPct
Brian Abrahamson361100.00%
Legal Marijuana NowCandidateTotalsPct
Richard B. Reisdorf565100.00%

Turnout across the Congressional District was approximately 28.1 percent.

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