The first ever Discovery Farms Summit will be Tuesday and Wednesday January 7th and 8th at the Hilton Minneapolis St. Paul Airport in Bloomington. Only Wisconsin, Minnesota and Arkansas have Discovery Farms. The idea of Discovery Farms began in Wisconsin. Minnesota began their Discovery Farms in 2009 and Arkansas began theirs after Minnesota.

Discovery Farms are real farms with high tech equipment set up at their boarders. The water leaving the farm is monitored and tested for crop nutrients. Sediment leaving the farm is also measured. Farms are chosen with different livestock and cropping systems. The plan was to get scientific data on crop nutrients and sediment leaving different types of farms.

The next step was to use this data so farmers and scientists could develop better ways to manage nutrient and sediment losses on farms. In addition this data could be used by Lawmakers along with Federal and State Regulators. Leaders and farmers involved in the Discovery Farms in each state thought it would be good to get together and share what they have learned with other states.

If you would like to attend the first ever Discovery Farms Summit do search Discovery Farms Summit on the internet and the schedule and registration information will pop up. The cost for farmers to attend is $150.


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