Minnesota is home to many hidden gems from underground caves to beautiful waterfalls, but did you know the North Star state also houses a strange, unique magnetic monolith hidden in the middle of a northern Minnesota forest?

I certainly did not.

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Within the vast Superior National Forest, there is a structure that stands tall above the trees. To find it, one must journey a three-mile undeveloped trail that is, at times, rutted, muddy, and difficult to pass. The path is called "The Magnetic Rock Trail" (pretty easy to remember, no?).

The large monolithic rock is an unusual sight. It doesn't seem to fit into the terrain, which honestly makes it all the more stunning.

The rock is 60 feet tall and contains loads of magnetite, which has magnetic properties. The structure won't hold magnets like a refrigerator, but it will affect compasses. If you bring one on your trip, watch the needle spin uncontrollably.

The journey is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good hike and for those who are interested in seeing nature's most unusual phenomenon.

For more information about the magnetic rock, head on over to the Superior National Forest website, and to see the experience through another's eye, check out this great video below.

The 'exact' address to the trailhead is Magnetic Rock Trail/BRT West Trailhead, Co Rd 12, Grand Marais, MN 55604.

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