It seems like if you blink and you'll miss it, the lefse that is. First English once again held their lefse sale and it was featured on Twin Cities television last night. It was great to see some familiar faces on the news, and the laughter that went along with the lefse making memories that were shared.

The folks at First English Lutheran Church in Faribault have been rolling out the lefse for 75 years, with basically the same recipe and same results, a total sell-out in just a few hours.

This year, Pat Rice, told Fox 9 in the Twin Cities that the group made one change, that was using instant potatoes versus the real ones, but it didn't seem to change the end result of a sellout.

The bake sale, known as the Annual Advest Bake Sale, put on the WELCA, happened on Saturday, December 4th at First English and featured homemade cookies, lefse, and other assorted goodies.

A hat tip to Pastor Mark Johnson for the tip to be watching the news last night on the lefse making and a big shout out to all the volunteers at First English for putting on the bake sale, your efforts are appreciated by many, many people.

A group of bakers stopped by KDHL on Black Friday to talk about the bake sale, and a little bit of the history of the church, you can listen to that conversation be heading here. 

You can watch the entire segment below.

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