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If you're a country fan you may already know this, Brett Young was once a talented baseball player. But did you know he almost played for the Minnesota Twins? He was drafted by the Twins and one other team but he turned both of them down.

Brett Young was a pitcher in his baseball days. He was talking to Brobible about being drafted right out of high school. I guess before the official draft MLB teams are allowed to call potential drafts who are right out of high school to make sure they won't waste an official draft pick on them.

The Minnesota Twins and the Tampa Bay Rays were the two pro teams that reached out to him. They basically were trying to get him to not go to college and sign on with one of their teams instead. Brett ended up telling both teams to "not to waste a pick" on him and instead he went to college at Ole Miss.

He played baseball while at Ole Miss, of course, but unfortunately, he injured his elbow and stopped playing. That's when he took up songwriting and now we have the talented country singer Brett Young that we know today!

While Brett Young is a popular country star with some great songs, he is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you keep scrolling, you can check out all 142 members of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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