When the MN Ag Expo wrapped up Thursday afternoon at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato there was a Dicambia Training session. Remember the EPA reclassified dicambia for use on beans this year as a restricted use pesticide. That means farmers need a Private Pesticide Applicator license to purchase and apply dicambia. In addition the Minnesota Department of Agriculture added additional restrictions on dicambia. Dicambia cannot be applied on beans after June 20th and farmers need to attend a Dicambia Training session.

The Dicambia Training sessions are presented by the companies that market dicambia, Monsanto, BASF and Dow DuPont. The program after the MN Ag Expo was put on by Monsanto. I heard there were more than 500 farmers registered for the session. Not all were planning on using dicambia but they wanted the option in case they needed it. There are many other dicambia training sessions scheduled and more will be added. Go to the Minnesota Crop Production Retailers Association web site for more information.

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