The Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSGA) held its first drift task force meeting earlier this week in Mankato. This is the first time a task force has been formed led by farmers in Minnesota. Their job is to look at the data along with the science surrounding reports of dicamba drift and volatilization damaging beans that were not tolerant to dicamba. The Minnesota farmer led task force will work with industry and researchers to find answers to maximize the potential of this new technology.

Bob Worth from Lake Benton is a soybean grower and chairmen of the drift task force. He said "this meeting was an opportunity to discuss dicamba concerns with industry, university and state regulators. Our job, as members of the task force, is to represent 27,000 Minnesota Soybean farmers when it comes to conversations between industry and government regulators. While at times these conversations were difficult, we were effective in finding common ground on issues such as, clarification and improvements to the label, enhanced education practices and application timing.

A second drift task force meeting will be held but it has not been scheduled yet. At that time the task force plans to deliver its investigative reports and best management practices to soybean growers after receiving and reviewing off target incidents of dicamba.

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